[SLED] Question/Idea re: Dr. Bugeja's

Jeremy Hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Sat Sep 15 07:23:18 PDT 2007

> - First, serious discussion about the pros and cons of a EDU grid.  
> If we make a strong case together I am sure LL will listen. Many  
> know I am pro education grid and I have posted on it months ago. I  
> don't think the EDU grid needs to be totally disconnected from the  
> Main grid (friends list and IM could still be enabled between the  
> two), but you would know where you were going and what to expect  
> from the get go, as you would if you were entering the teen grid,  
> and just as you know when you type in a .edu in the URL of your  
> browser you can be fairly confident you won't land on a xxx site.

why is it absolutely horrible and unconscionable for a student to be  
exposed to pornographic material? other cultural material, or  
anything else.  What the Budeja article misses is that sometimes  
learning can be confrontational and painful, that does not mean it is  
not a good thing for the student.   much like callouses are not bad  
things, getting a broad exposure to the range of human endeavors and  
learning how to cope with those are important.   perhaps I am missing  
something here...   are we actually trying to teach students about  
the world?    or are we just trying to teach students to live in an  
educational silo, protected by the powers that be.   I don't mind  
having police on the street, mind you, and I think we have that.   
What I mind is that educational institutions can become paternalistic  
and overbearing.   we don't need 'big  brother grid', i argue that  
instead we need to teach out students about what is on the grid, why  
it is there, and what they can do about it if they want the grid to  
be different.   If instructors and administrators aren't comfortable  
with the grid... i wonder how they vote in their real life, vote both  
in election and vote with their dollars.   I bet the manifest some  
significant differences between what they are claiming is good for  
the grid and what they actually do in their lives.

> - Second, pros and cons of setting up registration APIs that bring  
> students right to your campus orientation experience (possibly  
> shared between multuple universities) and including kiosks on  
> safety (mature search settings, making friends, invites to a group,  
> alternatives to using a credit card). Include in this training that  
> students (and faculty) have the freedom to leave the university  
> campus if they wish but how to return quickly (or hit quit) if  
> needed.  Can "Teleport Home" be used based on membership to a group?

I agree with custom api and orientation systems
> - Together developing SL campus rules (basic and to the point for  
> short attention spans) to post on our land and the consequences of  
> not following those rules (banned, reported...)

i agree with covenants and land based rules.
> - Neighborhood watch helpers (I have had people volenteer to do  
> this for me) and other ways to report bad behavior.

I think this is fine as long as they police only those things agreed  
upon and only where it is agreed.
> - Together developing Syllabi verbage to make students aware of the  
> nature of the environment and their rights, ways avoid problems...  
> Many of us have gained street knowledge from visiting large cities,  
> but do we automatically transfer that knowledge to the VW?
I think this is the real solution... be honest, tell the students the  
truth, and help them learn to deal with the plurality of interests  
they find by developing skills of analysis and critique, coping  
mechanisms for fear and that 'overwhelming curiosity'.... heh.

> I might have missed some discussion on this (I did skim my archives  
> on this topic). Anyway, I agree we want to be proactive not reactive.
> Ali Andrews

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