[SLED] Next Teachers Buzz Session: 17 Sep at 6.00pm SLT/PDT - PLORK with Aurili Oh, (aka Suzanne Aurilio), SDSU

Nick Noakes nick.noakes at ust.hk
Fri Sep 14 18:03:52 PDT 2007

PLORK: The act of playing and working at the same time.

Date/Time: Mon 17 Sep 6:00pm SLT/PDT

Your timezone: http://timeanddate.com/s/gtg

SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Boracay/192/79/28

Direct: secondlife://Boracay/192/79/28

In Aurili's own words:

"Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned resident, you've probably noticed 
that Second Life is a bundle of plork. It's fun, satisfying, 
frustrating, intense. It's a lot of thinking and feeling rolled up into 
flow (Csiksczentmihalyi, 1991) experiences for many of us. I'd like to 
lead a lively discussion on our experiences and observations of others' 
experiences learning in and about Second Life. How do people in Second 
Life come to have the skills and knowledge they have? How do we/they you 
learn? What kind of learners are successful in Second Life? What kinds 
of learning seem to work best? What kinds don't? I work with faculty and 
instructional staff on teaching and learning issues. Our program, pICT – 
People, Information and Communication Technologies, recently launched a 
Second Life Initiative, The pICTsl Farm. We're introducing faculty and 
instructional staff to SL, providing consulting and support for them to 
explore and experiment.

We will meet around the Teachers Buzz fire pit and talk about this 
notion of play and work (and learning).

Please remember sessions are recorded and transcripts put on the 
Teachers Buzz space in the NMC Campus wiki at:




Nick Noakes
Director, Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

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