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You are right, of course. Hitting QUIT makes perfect sense. It does miss Dr.
Bugeja's point, however. If participation in SL is a class requirement, a
student who bails out in order to avoid virtual harassment may risk
jeopardizing her grade. This is exactly the situation students have found
themselves in when they encounter sexually explicit course content in RL.
Most campuses have addressed that classroom issue with policies to protect
the student, the professor, and the university, but few - to take Dr.
Bugeja's point - have addressed the issue in virtual space. 


You can easily come up with other scenarios. It's reasonably common for
students' RL identities to become known while they are in SL, for example.
Suppose an unmasked student then becomes the target of online stalking or
other malicious activity that crosses over into RL. Who is liable? What is
the university's responsibility for protecting the student, or for
protecting the faculty member who had her enter SL as a class activity? The
challenge in this case is not what happens in SL, but what happens in RL as
the result of being in SL.


Hitting QUIT may solve an immediate problem, but may leave other, larger
issues untouched. Universities face questions like these all the time in RL.
Dr. Bugeja's point is that they haven't yet thought through their
implications in virtual space. I don't see his article as a paranoid rant,
the way I guess some people have. I see it as a wakeup call for campuses to
address legal/social issues before their trustees, legislators, and local
media do.


Rolig Loon



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I am so glad you expressed the idea of hitting quit.  I have been thinking
this ever since this subject came up on SLED.


Telling someone that they have the power to leave an undesireable situation
in SL is one of the first things I tell a newbie.  You have the power to
teleport out of a situation.  If you can't teleport, quit the program.  You
can relog into another region.  One should never let SL create drama in
their RL.  Trust me, I have enough drama in my RL; I don't need drama in SL.


Perhaps this is an educational issue that needs to be stressed at the very
beginning of student involvement in SL?




On 9/14/07, Clark Shah-Nelson <clarkshahnelson at gmail.com> wrote: 

On the sideline of the actual point of the Chronicle SL article:

I don't want to downplay the importance of protecting our students, youths,
etc. (the article does bring up some important questions for educators to
consider, particularly in the legal realm); nor the devastating effects of
physical or emotional violence, but honestly, why on Earth would anyone NOT
simply hit QUIT when they are experiencing anything less than what they want
to experience in a virtual world? 



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