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Kevin Feenan knomaze at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 13 12:43:28 PDT 2007

As there were a large number of people intereted in continuing to discuss topics of learning, leadership, and MMORPGs I've decided to open up my dissertation in a very public way. Likely this is a first so it will be interesting to see the results once everything is said an done.

For those that were interested in continuing with the discussion panel from last week, I have discussed with my mentor from the University of Phoenix and he's suggested that the general issue is worth pursuing. To that end I will be holding another discussion panel this Sunday at 7am on the Rockcliffe sim to continue to open discussion on leadership and MMORPGs. 

The objective for myself is to turn the general issue below into a narrowly focused question for research over the next 12 months.

General issues for discussion:

MMORPGs represent a new channel for learning and communication. However its not certain whether learning in MMORPGs is qualitatively different from that in other settings (as an assumption: I'm hoping that recent research from Sarah Robbins will dispute that statement btw). If it is different, then there should be corresponding competitive advantages associated with these types of learning which are unique to this environment. Further, those competitive advantages should also have unique innovative impacts on the market development life cycle of products and services as a result.

The implication for leadership is one of how these environments tie into competitive advantage. The assumption seems to be that these environments build upon social computing networks by emphasizing elements of Nonaka and Nishiguchi's SECI model which may be considered to be only weakly applied in more traditional settings. The convergence of web 2.0 technologies with MMORPGs in an environment that emphasizes high care may be what drives competitive advantage for those organizations that choose to use this environment.

Doors are open to anyone that would like to participate. If there are enough people to use voice we can do however the consensus from last week seems to be that chat is preferable. I would welcome the feedback and input.

Kevin Feenan
SL: Phelan Corrimal
Rockcliffe University Second Life Campus
Ph: 613 276 1911

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