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I’ll just paste in what I posted on our PacRimX blog last night (


There’s an excellent article up at Reuters about the OpenSim project: 

Rival grids threaten Linden’s monopoly on SL technology <> 

I have been a HUGE proponent of open source grids (corporate, institutional, all the way down to personal) as a way of ensuring growth of the Second Life universe, and as a way of getting past the current concurrent user ceiling of the Main and Teen Grids. 

The OpenSim <>  project holds great promise. My hope is that Linden Lab will put the real code for their servers into Open Source, and remove the time delay and “clean room” development of a mirror universe compatible with the Second Life client. I’ve never seen the benefit of a contiguous land mass, and have always thought that distributed grids would release Linden Lab of liability of individuals who break the law inside of Second Life. 

A quote from the article gives me hope that this might happen faster with Linden Lab at the helm, rather than with shadows of the real server code: 

“Earlier this month <> , Linden Lab Chief Executive Philip Rosedale said his company would be open sourcing the Second Life server code, dramatically altering the company’s business model. Instead of collecting tier fees on land it manages, the company would move toward charging access fees for entrepreneurs on external servers to tap into Second Life’s economy.”

I’ve expressed my thoughts to many Linden staff, and to whoever would listen over the past year. I am encouraged to see these movements being made by Linden Lab, and others, to open the Second Life Universe. This can only secure the platform as a major player moving forward with any global metaverse. 


I don’t see the point of the “threat” article.  The true threat to SL technology is if Linden Lab spends any more significant time locked in this 40,000 concurrent user cap, with chronic access issues on the weekends (Sunday afternoon Linden time has a major impact on our Japanese users for Monday morning school time).  I’ve been in many settings this past year when I’ve almost begged for Linden to consider breaking up the grid and allowing for independent grids.  I truly believe that if something is not done soon to get past what is looking more and more to be a system limitation, this platform will die.  And it will not be a slow death, this platform will take a fatal hit in the next year if these grid issues are not resolved somehow.


Stan Trevena

Director, Information and Technology Services

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The "rival grid", mentioned in Reuters article, is not very large to be a true rival.   
There are much greater issues and challenges to build a worldwide grid.   
However, this does strengthen open source and the building of the metaverse. 

Theodore Ubhaus
Information Systems
Berkeley College

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Interesting times.
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