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Effie Emmons effieemmons at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 14:07:50 PDT 2007


My name is Angie, and I'm the Training Manager at a HAPLR top ten library in
Ohio.  I have taught on the high school and collegiate levels as well as
been a trainer in business and now in the library world.  I have been
lurking around the SLED list for a while and decided it was about time to
introduce myself.

I joined Second Life back in March as an educational endeavor to be able to
tell students about virtual worlds. So, I am well versed in the social
aspects of SL including shopping and attending events.  I fell in love with
SL and the many avies I have met and found myself intrigued and interested
in the educational uses. So, I made it a mission to integrate SL into my
teaching and find ways to help others with their educational endeavors.

Right now, my goal is to educate myself on live streaming, video, slide
shows, conference set-ups, etc.  Eventually, I will be introducting SL and
librarianship in SL to the library staff and presenting SL through training
programs to our patrons.  Also, as a personal endeavor, I'm working on
becoming an educational consultant for an SL business.



RL:  Angie Fickert Paterek
SL:  Effie Emmons
Training Manager
Rocky River Public Library
Rocky River, Ohio
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