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Exceptional idea!  I'm proposing something on our campus, for MSU students,
social, not class related, but never thought to do something SL-wide.  I'm
in - we also have space, already put aside on the CHSS Island for our own
students, no sense not opening it up for events.  I'd also be up for helping
to work on this with others.

I think its a good idea to hold these events on island that have content in
the learning areas.  This way, as the students wander around and visit the
island, they may stumble across the content and become interested.


On 9/6/07, Jeremy Hunsinger <jhuns at vt.edu> wrote:
> here is something that occurred to me the other day... we are
> bringing out students in world... but... we aren't really providing
> much in the way of students services or other activities that
> encourage our students to interact with your students.   is there any
> interest in having something like a  nice big student event?  invite
> everyone's students to one location, a big island and getting them to
> all to interact... or if not that then scheduling a weekly dance
> party or other events that would bring students together across
> universities, but outside of classrooms?
> it seems like something we need to me.

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