[SLED] Virtual Worlds Hot Topics Discussion at EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Seattle

AJ Brooks sorry.afk at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 08:30:56 PDT 2007

I am thrilled to announce that EDUCAUSE has scheduled a Virtual Worlds Hot
Topics Discussion for this year's Annual Conference in Seattle.  The
conference will take place from October 23rd to the 26th at the Washington
State Convention and Trade Center.

Details on the full convention can be found here -

The Virtual Worlds Hot Topic Discussion will be held on Thursday, October
25th from 12:45pm to 2:15pm (PDT) in Room 211.  The description of this
event is:

Will teaching in a virtual environment really be the next big thing? A
number of institutions and faculty think so, and that number is growing.
This session brings together those who want to discuss how virtual learning
environments impact all facets of the institution. Given the position of
Second Life in this arena, it will probably dominate most discussions.


I've made arrangements for there to be a laptop, project, and a static IP
address which will enable us to stream SL into the conference location.
Streaming the conference into SL is going to be up to us.  More on that in a

If you are planning on attending EDUCAUSE, please make sure to include this
event on your schedule.  A good show this year could very well lead to a
great commitment from EDUCAUSE (i.e., I'm working to try and establish a
Constituent Group, etc...)

If you have not decided if you will be attending, I hope this will push you
off the fence.  :-)  Its usually a good conference, plus...I'll be there!

If you cannot attend, I'm hoping you'll attend the in-world session.

I am looking for volunteers on two fronts:
1) people who can help work on the technology aspect of this with me
2) people who are willing to work as in-world organizers.

To save an already busy list from unnecessary traffic, please respond to me
directly (sorry.afk at gmail.com).

More on this as it comes together.


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                   Wealthy Mizser for all other projects
Twitter: sorry_afk

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