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Most state owned campuses like state universities are dry except for specific areas, typically the football 
stadium and/or maybe a recreation area where there is pool tables and bowling.     

Many areas in the states don't sell alcohol on Sundays or may not sell it at all.   Often sales change from 
county to county even.   

Much of this goes back to the prohibition and basicly the US moral conservitives have fought tooth and nail all 
the way from back then to what they have given up to us to have now.    I doubt we will ever be as liberal as 
Europe or Canada.

On 4 Sep 2007 at 19:07, Ed Lamoureux wrote:

> many US colleges don't allow alcohol on campus at events at which  
> undergraduates are present.
> some US colleges sponsor on-campus pubs for students of legal age, to  
> keep them from going off campus toward accidents.
> So a single generalization doesn't work here.
> Heck, there are still some "dry" campuses in the US, faculty AND  
> students.
> I'm not sure how many undergraduate students attended SLCC.. such  
> that this might not be an issue at a convention.
> Further, one could "ticket" the events with booze in such a way as to  
> exclude underage students from those events.
> I suspect this issue would not present much of a problem at most/many  
> US college convention oriented sites.
> On Sep 4, 2007, at 6:10 PM, Emma Duke-Williams wrote:
> > On 27/08/07, Larry Havenstein <lhavenst at oznet.ksu.edu> wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> Campus environments are often good for the connectivity parts of a  
> >> conference but have problems dealing with
> >> the other parts of what SLCC did.   We are not setup for parties  
> >> like a hotel is.  Many campuses have issues
> >> with alcohol on campus even.
> >
> > That must be US campuses! I can't see any UK, or, for that matter
> > European campuses having issues with alcohol on campus! (Perhaps the
> > difference with having most students above the legal drinking age in
> > most of Europe - "most"- as I know that in Scotland, some students are
> > 17, but legal drinking age = 18)
> >
> > Emma
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