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Beth Gallaway informationgoddess29 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 13:09:36 PDT 2007

my apologies - it was not intentional :/

On 9/1/07, Emma Duke-Williams <emma.dukewilliams at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 01/09/07, Hilary Mason <Hilary.Mason at jwu.edu> wrote:
> >
> >  Hi folks,
> >
> >  I'm guessing that QuechUp is auto-inviting everyone in your address book
> > when you join... My inbox is filling up swiftly, and since this is all SLED
> > people (and lists), I imagine others are having the same experience. Please
> > stop the robot spam invites!
> >
> >  Is QuechUp really worth joining?
> >
> >  On the off chance that I just became incredibly popular, I really
> > appreciate a personal message rather than one generated by robots,
> > especially from people I've never talked to before.
> >
> >  Cheers,
> >
> Yes, I've discovered the same thing. I guess it is quite an
> interesting study to see how quickly it spreads! I had a look, and
> created a profile, but have since decided that I don't like it &
> deleted it. It's another social networking tool, like Facebook etc.,
> etc., etc.,
> I didn't like the fact that it wanted to know where you were, and made
> you create an alias. It said that from a security point of view, it's
> not a good idea to have your real name available. However, unlike
> other sites, where you can choose to reveal your name to your friends/
> the world/ whatever, this doesn't. That means that you have to pick an
> alias that your friends are likely to know you by, unless you want to
> be anonymous...
> Somewhat contrarily, it wanted to know where I lived, (Country, County, City).
> It also wanted me to say what sort of person I wanted to meet. I
> couldn't just join it.
> Once I had joined, it offered to invite everyone in my address book. I
> declined!
> However, after about 10 minutes of playing, I un-joined.  It wasn't
> for me.  (I'm not sure that Facebook is for me, but this is definitely
> far less me!)
> Emma
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