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Interesting question Ed, I will ask the Marketing person when I talk to
them today hopefully. They contacted me about my use of veodia on my
Media Tools Platform inside Second Life. I Will post his response here
after our meetup. I am going to show him my Blockhead Project, where
your avatar head is replaced by your Real Head streamed thru Veodia. 


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a question about/concern over veodia's terms of service for their  
product beta:

3. Ownership. All intellectual property rights in the Services are  
and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Veodia.

I can't quite tell if this tries to make all the content one shows  
via the service the property of veodia. I don't have a problem with  
them keeping their stuff safe. But taking mine simply cause i've  
shoved it through their ware?


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