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Annette Pohlke annette at pohlke.de
Tue Oct 23 09:44:48 PDT 2007

I started to systematically test other virtual worlds and blog about  
it in my SL blog: http://sl-log.de. Most of it isn't really in depth  
(yet?) and not necessarily focused on education, but you may still  
like to take a look and maybe you find something useful. So far I  
wrote about There, IMVU and Gaia Online.

My 2 cents in a nutshell is that from what I have seen so far, Second  
Life is superior for educational projects the simple reason that  
everyone can easily create things without having to get a formal  
developer status first, something you may even have to pay for in  
other virtual worlds. Also the legal situation of creators is better  
in SL, as they will keep full IP rights.


Am 23.10.2007 um 16:38 schrieb Siobhán Dervan:

> Hi Educators,
> I'm working on an environmental education project in SL as part of  
> masters thesis. I would like make comparisons against other  
> competitor worlds i.e. there.com. I've explored There once or twice  
> but there doesn't seem to be any educational activity (all the  
> university of there offered was places to sit). Does anyone have  
> any experience from trying out or working in there.com or have come  
> across articles about any educational potential or uses it offers?
> Thank you
> Purplo Pizzicato
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