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Are most of you recording your audio separately for narration? Or are you recording conversations with remote avatars?

I just did some research on this for my movies I have recently made. One is with sound and one is without. 
without sound'
with sound'

To Record I use FRAPS. I have found this to be a standard in for movies. Then, I use movie maker to clip and edit the film. However, I have found an open source soultion for the .mov format. I did not find an editor for it. The name of that screen capture program is called KRUT and a review is found at http://www.freewaregenius.com/2007/04/13/krut-computer-recorder/. Lastly, SL has a native recorder but it does not record sound. Both Kurt and FRAPS will record sound as you record the video. Then you can simply set your recording properties to mix out. The Wave mix out will record all sounds the PC produces. Both programs will also give a more compress format. KURT is a .mov and FRAPS is .avi

"I capture at 800X600 but sizing is up for debate."
The smaller the window the better the frame rate. Which makes for smoother movements of avatars. However, if you don't remove the UI in the smallest size it takes up too much of the window. For SL the smallest window is 320 X 240. Recording in this small of a format also gives the recorder the ablity to multi-task just a little. For example, they could play a song, sound, they can't stream.

Removing the UI is something I am still struggling with ... does anyone know how :) 

On Oct 20, 2007, at 8:09 AM, notmarian wrote:

> I use a mac and SnapProZ. Works a treat. I capture at 800X600 but sizing is up for debate.  Depends on how you will deliver.  I found its easiest to capture as close to the size that you want your final product to be but I'm not an expert.  I use iMovie and/or Final Cut Express for editing. 
> I disagree somewhat with filming with the UI on as being "n00b."  If you want to show the menus, how to interact with objects and etc, you have to show the UI.  Do close the chat window, hide names on screen, set yourself as busy so you don't receive chats/IMs while filming, and set your zoomTime higher so your camera doesn't snap back, I set mine to 2.0, but for long pans, use 4.0.  (client/debug/zoomTime).
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