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Anne-Marie Armstrong dv3709 at wayne.edu
Fri Oct 12 06:27:03 PDT 2007

One work around that was suggested when using campus labs that are usually
locked down, is to put SL on a flash drive and run from it.  

Anne-Marie Armstrong
WSU Libraries
Office forTeaching and Learning
dv3709 at wayne.edu

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I am teaching a course and using Second Life in spring
semester. I have asked our tech people to install it
in one of the teaching computer labs for me, but the
initial installation has caused a problem: "I've got
second life working however it gives an error on
startup because the video properties are locked.. The
lab OS version is Windows XP SP2 with limited user
rites and the display
properties are not accessible for users."

Has anyone encountered the problem, found any
workarounds, or have suggestions?

Stephen A. Schrum, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
1150 Mount Pleasant Road
Greensburg, PA 15601

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