[SLED] In defence of fantasy

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At yesterday's Metavers Meetup#2, Jamais Cascio discussed the Metaverse Roadmap and other virtual ideas (virtual worlds, mirror worlds, augmented reality, and gosh one other that I can't remember), but all virtual.  It was a great talk and I'd recommend meetup#3 for all sometime in January, the video for this one is supposed to be posted on the web.  But back to the point, Jamais and I think most of us on this list would agree suggested that rather then being isolating all these types of "virtual" technologies are enabling relationships and sometimes relationships at a much more deeper level then so-called RL one's.

To my thinking (uninformed as it is), the problem stems with the connotations that most place on the word virtual - thinking it means unreal, when instead is should conjure (for the next decade or two, anyway) intangible - we can't touch/feel/smell etc. the virtual, but if our minds our processing the neuronal activity in the same way as if we were touching/feeling/smelling (and I'd place a hefty bet that it is) they are in fact very real.

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Your comment about maintaining virtual social networks was interesting.
Without a blink, I can tell you that my virtual social network is the
MAIN means for keeping in touch with my colleagues (all real people,
around the world.)  

>>> <KatyWood100 at aol.com> 11/30/07 3:53 AM >>>
There will always be nay-sayers to any new technology, trend or
I remember one of my former colleagues being very against e-mail when
it's use 
 became more widespread in professional life. Now, you can't prise him
from  his e-mail for more than two hours!
Er .... perhaps that isn't the best example. There is the worry that
may spend more time and effort maintaining social networks on the
plane  rather than in real life. 


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