[SLED] How Does Your Institution Get Linden Dollars to Your Avatar?

Douglas Danforth danforth.2 at osu.edu
Thu Nov 29 05:50:00 PST 2007

>How does your institution get linden dollars to your avatar? I know
>you can exchange real money for linden money via the SL Exchange. But,
>our purchasing folks are hesitant to run this through PayPals or a
>credit card.

They write me a check.
I put it in my personal bank account.
I buy $L via my PayPal account.
I (therefore) have a receipt of all $L purchased.

>Also, what kind of accountablity does your institution require? I know
>your avatar's account transacation history lists all purchases (date,
>amount, item, avatar) for 30 days. Is that enough for your purchasing

Seems to be. Purchasing peeps - I love it :-).

>Finally, do you track purchased items and how so? If I buy a building
>for a special project and transfer that building to the faculty for
>that project, what happens to the item when the project is finished?
>Is it really worth tracking a virtual object that initially cost less
>than $1 USD?

I also keep a record of all "things" purchased in SL but so far, that 
level of accountability has not been required.

I do get some funny looks though when requesting $US to buy $L. :-)

But it's "my money" (as in I got my own grant funding) so they can't 
complain too much. I'm also not very tolerant of bean count.. I mean 
administrators telling me how to do my job.

Doug Danforth
SL:DrDoug Pennell 

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