[SLED] Request for Space

Chris Collins chris.collins at uc.edu
Wed Nov 28 07:26:18 PST 2007

Hi all,

I am passing on a request for space on behalf of Andaz Ahmad (SL: 
Andaz Ulysses) of Ivy Tech who has 25 Nursing instructional videos 
that he would like to place in Second Life for his students and for 
the benefit of the broader SL community.  We envisioned something 
akin to a booth system, with each booth containing information about 
the video and a screen for participants to watch (the list of videos 
is included below).

If anyone might be interested in hosting these videos until Ivy Tech 
gets their own island, please contact me off list at chris.collins at uc.edu.

Thanks in advance!

- Chris/Fleep

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1.  Biohazard Safety Lab
2.  ABO and Rh Blood Typing
3.  Venipuncture by Butterfly Method
4.  Capillary Puncture
5.  Preparation, Staining and Examination of a Peripheral Blood Smear


6.  Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
7.  Fecal Occult Blood
8.  Microhematocrit
9.  Hemoglobin Testing by Hemocue Method
10.  Glucose Testing by Hemocue Method
11.  Personal Glucometers
12.  Pregnancy Testing

13.  Mononucleosis Testing
14.  Streptococcus Testing
15.  Throat Specimen Collection
16.  Microscope
17.  Physical and Chemical Urinalysis
18.  Refractometer
19.  Microscopic Examination of Urine

20.  Venipuncture by Vacutainer Method
21.  Venipuncture by Syringe Method
22.  Urinalysis Analyzer
23.  Tech Day Student Endorsement

Deeann's are:
1.  Sterile Field Preparation
2.  Sterile Wrap Preparation

3.  Intramuscular Injection
4.  Intradermal Injection
5.  Subcutaneous Injection
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