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I had the same situation and have used Audacity (a free download at
http://audacity.sourceforge.net/). However, I found the interviewee
voice to be pretty weak.  So I set up two computers, one computer with
the interviewer and interviewee in Second Life and the other computer,
also logged into Second Life, to capture the sound of both.  Doing it
this way ensure equal sound levels. I used PCs not MACs.  I hope this
helps and would love to hear about other solutions for PCs from anyone
on the list.
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I'm looking for sound recording solutions in SL . . . at this point, on
a mac; eventually, probably on a pc as well.
The challenge: to record the audio of both speakers when using voice
chat in SL.
I teach field research/ethnography. My students will do interviews
inworld. One of the choices is to tape record the interviews.
At this point, we don't know how to do it.
Using SoundFlower enables one to move ONE of the voices to software in
the computer that will record the voice. 
However, since one voice (let's say, mine) is OUTPUT and the other (say
the interviewee) is INPUT . . . we haven't found a software solution
that mixes those two channels to enable recording of both. SoundFlower
(best as we can tell) enables recording of the INPUT channel, leaving
the OUTPUT material unrecorded.
At this point, we are planning on using an older style solution . . .
the interviewer on our end will engage an audio recorder in the room
with them and will record both their voice and the return voice of the
interviewee (through speakers on this end) so that both sources end up
in the recording. 
Suggestions as to another way?
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