[SLED] What is needed to build an island?

Marlyn - RILug rhodeislandlug at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 05:05:56 PST 2007

I agree with AJ. It does not need a pile of Linden at all. The trees in particular are abundant and you can go get trees and plants from free places. There are MANY freebie places where you can buy plenty of furniture and things that would be suitable. You might want to pay for one or two things that you really like, but otherwise, everything else is freely available.  Land texture is also readily available and you could get free textures in abundance. 

Teaching yourself how to do it is, as both Rolig and AJ said, a delight. Finding things coming to life. It does not need that much time but you will get better with time. If you want a class right this minute, then you are better off letting someone else do it. If you have time, then by all means let someone show you how to begin and then run with it. 

The therapeutic part - oh yes indeed!!! very therapeutic. I laughed when I read that AJ because it has been so for me.  The 'creative' part of it brings out a sense of accomplishment and beauty almost like completing a painting. 


AJ Brooks <sorry.afk at gmail.com> wrote: I agree with Rolig that there is a great sense of accomplishment opening something you built from the ground up.  I disagree, however, that one needs a pile of L$, lots of shopping time, patience, etc....  

Although practice is requisite to be good at anything, and the more you practice the better you are, my experience teaching myself how to build has been that it did not cost a lot at all, that I've not spent all the much time shopping for what I need, and although a certain about of patience is required, saying "a lot of patience" may give some the ideas that it requires an inordinate amount of patience.  I am not the most patient person, not am I the best builder - perhaps I'd be better if I had more patience.  :-) 

As for the money, I can count on two hands the number of items I've had to purchase.  Once you learn the basics about building, many of the free things can be modified to meet ones needs.  And there are a ZILLION free things out there.  That a different email thread altogether. 

In fact, I find it very therapeutic, did even when I was a total noob at it.


On Nov 27, 2007 1:03 AM,  <rloon at hbci.com> wrote: 
You need a pile of L$ for buying the trees, textures, etc., a lot of time to shop for them, and a lot of patience and practice building. Or you can hire a professional, which isn't as much fun or inexpensive but is lots faster. You'll find several good professionals through this list.
Personally, I'd spend time learning building skills and getting a lot of practice in rented space before tackling a major project, even if I was going to hire someone else to do the heavy lifting.  It helps to know what's possible and how it is done. Besides, you'll want to be able to tinker and tweak after the professional has left.  Having just finished a large scale project, I'll have to say that it's a lot more fun to build than to move into space that someone else built. But that's me.

Quoting "Semrau, Penny" <psemrau at exchange.calstatela.edu>:

> Besides buying an island, what else do I need to build the  
> landscape, trees, ground textures, buildings, and also for  
> maintaining the island? Is there software or hardware that I'll need  
> OR can it all be done easily in-world? I appreciate your advice.  
> Thanks.
> Penny Semrau, Ph.D.
> (SL=Tutti Barbosa)
> Professor of Instructional Technology
> California State University, Los Angeles

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