[SLED] van gogh gallery and using it as a resource for teaching and learning

Kathy Danilatos kathy at danilatos.com
Sun Nov 25 14:05:37 PST 2007

Hi Marlyn and everyone else,

Yes, the VG gallery,  I know it well, very inspiring. The Starry starry
night room is brilliant, have you seen the 3D version? I am a regular
visitor and know the hosts well. I have had discussions with the "Hosts"
about possible "lessons" being conducted there and they were quite
interested. I have a Visual Arts background, although I am now involved in
broader educational areas. If anyone whats to loan me some students, over
18, I wouldn't mind having a go at setting up a learning activity within
this space.

>From my part it will be unofficial work, but I am really keen to do
something with this.

You can contact me in world, my SL name is Kety Vita. Or email.

On 26/11/2007, RILug RILug <rhodeislandlug at yahoo.com> wrote:
> If I had any doubts in my mind about 3D teaching, this totally cleared it
> away. I am in awe! I don't know if any of you have seen this before but this
> is the Van Gogh exhibition and the slurl is at
> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Luctesa/105/127/26  If you have not seen it,
> PLEEEEASE do not miss it. Besides being an exhibit of Van Gogh's paintings,
> it actually has you walk into some of the paintings. While there are many
> that are absolutely beauiful, the Starry Night is no doubt magnificent.
> The entire sim took my breath away. What an awesome awesome place!
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