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This particular fellow may have been full of crap, but considering  
the potential for SL to be a platform for money laundering and  
training simulation, I would be surprised if there was no terrorist  
presence in SL.

Of course, I would be as surprised to find that terrorists don't use  
Google Earth, some 3D Microsoft products and e-mail.  How smart does  
a ringleader need to be, to think, "How about we do a walkthrough,  
prior to gassing the subway?"

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On Nov 19, 2007, at 10:34 AM, Milosun Czervik wrote:

> Just going through email here... Sarah's story of the FBI person
> reminds of something I heard a few weeks ago at a conference...
> A guy walks up to me - he's in the Navy as a civilian (former officer)
> ... and starts spouting off about how his background in intelligence
> work has given him insight into the fact that Al-Queda is using SL to
> conduct terror training missions (aka Patriotic Negras?). Anyway, he
> said he wasn't too afraid because the US has counter-terrorism forces
> in their infiltrating those groups, etc.
> Ok, so I stopped listening almost as soon as he said, "intelligence
> work" (the same folks who told us all about Iraq's WMD's), and I
> almost laughed when he was so serious about terrorist groups in SL ...
> then nearly cried when I heard that counter-terrorism forces were
> spending one minute in SL trying to infiltrate anything.
> Long and short of it - I think the guy is full of crap and just wanted
> to talk about his erstwhile connections with the
> military/anti-terrorism/intelligence connections while people around
> listened. It's just another anecdote about the crazy crap the people
> bring up about SL.
> And major Kudos to Stan's latest posts on this topic - level-headed
> and insightful as always.
> -Ross
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