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What we go through when we try to sit on a prim pretty much sums up SL  
for me.

On Nov 15, 2007, at 6:26, twu at berkeleycollege.edu wrote:

> Important question Rolig asks.  I believe the answer to having SL to  
> go mainstream is infrastructure.  What SL needs most is  
> infrastructure to assure the long term future of SL.  Without that,  
> the whole question of deep investment to build in SL seems  
> uncertain.  I believe that infrastructure will come, but still, I  
> keep an eye out  to watch companies like IBM and Google on their  
> interest and activity with SL.
> Some have considered SL as the fullness of the Metaverse, which it  
> has not yet reached.  Others do not view it as the Metaverse at all  
> but but one software amidst many others.  I understand SL to be the  
> founding cornerstone of the evolving Metaverse.
> Is SL there yet?  I don't believe so, but with the right  
> infrastructure it can be, with the Metaverse established.  I cannot  
> say that infrastructure would lead to the Metaverse for other  
> virtual worlds but I would say this is true for SL.
> SL is not a mere hype glowing brightly with lighter fluid.  Some  
> good amount of twigs have been tossed on the flame keeping it going  
> and growing.  But we are coming to the need of placing on the fire  
> some long burning logs.   Without such long burning logs the tossing  
> of twigs on the fire will not keep it burning.  Let's keep the fire  
> burning.
> Somehow, some heavy investment needs to be made into SL.  Depending  
> on who and how such investment is made will shape how the Metaverse  
> evolves.  The Metaverse Roadmap co-authored by Jerry Paffendorf  
> discusses... http://www.metaverseroadmap.org
> I have found discussions at Metaverse Meetups of benefit.   
> Professionals, from various industries involved in the Metaverse,  
> gather at these.
> Theodore Ubhaus
> Information Systems
> Berkeley College
> "Rolig Loon" <rloon at hbci.com>
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> That literature is familiar ground, Trent, and it’s a good way to th 
> ink about the questions in this thread. It’s hard to predict with ce 
> rtainty whether the early adopters will be 10% of the population or  
> some much larger number, of course, and equally hard to predict how  
> long it will take all but the most diehard Luddites to come on board 
> . I’m sure you’ve seen very nice research in recent years showing  
> that the rate of acceptance of new technologies in society has been  
> accelerating over the past century, partly because society has becom 
> e accustomed to the rapid evolution of anything related to computers 
> . These days, more of us are early adopters than 40 years ago, and * 
> average* people leap the inertia barrier to adoption much more readi 
> ly. I think you’re right that SL is a haven for early adopters, but  
> we may be starting to hear stories like the ones Alex is reporting b 
> ecause SL is on the cusp of becoming mainstream.  The question is, w 
> hich side of the cusp are we on, how long will it be before it’s obv 
> ious that SL is mainstream, and what could we do to make the transit 
> ion more graceful?
> Rolig
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> Rolig: we have the classic studies of technology infusion to  
> understand the variables better: there is a qualitative difference  
> between motivations of those, like you, who WANT to get comfortable  
> in a place such as SL and those who may never. Early adopters of new  
> technologies are risk takers and in fact WANT to be risk takers:  
> they/we need to be "out there" trying new things, and want to try  
> them ourselves. It's part of our identity. It's what drives us.
> But the "mainstream" are not risk takers, almost by definition.  
> Mainstream adopters need to know they are not the first. They may be  
> motivated by sensing that "everyone is doing it." They'll move at  
> the tipping point, but not before. They'll want security and support.
> The eternal question is always how to move from the 10% of people  
> who will ALWAYS be out there to the 80% who may eventually get there.
> SL now, it seems to me, is wonderland for early adopting types.
> Trent
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