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Thu Nov 15 06:55:24 PST 2007

What's the reason for having an "admin AV?"  I don't quite understand
what benefits you get with that approach.

Thanks, Lisa/Mali

>>> "Paula Christopher" <etspec at> 11/15/07 7:48 AM >>>
We are in the plan stage for an island and already thought about setting
up an "admin AV" to handle purchasing, etc. You indicate that you set up
a group and then your regular AV does the remaining work. My question:
should you leave/move on, are these objects created by your regular AV
editable by others in the group? We actually thought we would need to
have the Admin AV do all the building, as well. If this is not the case,
I am thrilled.



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>>> Tony Breindal Sørensen <tbs at> 11/15/2007 9:02 AM >>>
Hi Scott,
If you by resources mean additional software / HUD's I'm afraid I can't
help you. But if you mean planning - well, what I do first with the
costumer is to define the purpose of the sim and identify (and
describe!) various installations. On behalf of that I create a simple
drawing outlaying the overall design and navigation (see enclosed).
I recommend that the account (avatar) who bought the sim is used as an
administrator only and a new avatar is placed as estate manager. As
administrator I then create a group and deed the land to the group and
invite my daily avatar in as owner. I then switch to my daily avatar and
uses 'him' to do all the remaining work.
Now I divide the sim into separate rectangular (4 X 8) parcels at 512
m2 orientated north / south. In the very upper northwest corner I create
a 4 X 4 m parcel and stick all meta data and streams in as a backup. I
then create a landing point in the very center of the island and mark it
with an object. And from there it all depends on the job.
Others may very well have other approaches but this works for me ;-)
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Emne: [SLED] managing island

Does anyone know of some good resources for how to manage an island? 
How to section off, Assign permissions etc.... 
Scott Whetstone
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ITServices, Queen's University
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