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Welcome! I see you have been given some great links, but let me also
recommend Science School. Should be able to find it with a search.

Good Luck!!


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My name is Chris Baker.  I teach 10th grade Biology and 11th/12th grade
Anatomy and Physiology in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(US).  I am new to SL (a few weeks of on and off poking around).  I have
just spent the last few hours engrossed in reading Maggie Marat's blog
posts about her experiences setting up a TSL private island for her
Middle School students.  Wow.
I am fortunate to have been chosen as a technology integrating teacher
for our HS.  I am very interested in finding out how specifically TSL/SL
could be used as a tool to further science education.  I would like
students to spend minimum time learning about prims (about which I have
no experience) and much time collaborating and building models or
interactive representations (example: functioning animal cells) or other
ways of creating and displaying their csience knowlege.  Building on an
island looks daunting (and fairly time-consuming!).
I am not sure where to start; prior to assembling and presenting a
proposal to the district (SL and TSL are currently blocked), I would
like to see exmples of student science projects and student work if
I have to go...I am a part-time paramedic as well, and have a call.
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