[SLED] Barriers to student use of SL for learning

irene at tmediagroup.com irene at tmediagroup.com
Sat Nov 10 08:43:30 PST 2007

As I'm building the experiment for my dissertation, I am building a list of
challenges that students may face when trying to get started in using Second
Life. Below is a list of what I'm aware of thus far. But, based on your
experiences and what you've heard - what else should I be aware of and be
prepared to assist students with?

Potential barriers to student use of SL for learning:
No technology (computer, internet) 
Insufficient technology (need computer upgrades like processor or graphics
card or faster internet connection)
Technology preparation (downloading the SL client and other software such as
Getting registered in SL
Logging in to SL
Orientation - learning to walk, fly, teleport and search
Modifying personal appearance (to at least be wearing some clothes, if
staying as a human)
Navigating to a specific location in SL using coordinates
Landmarking/Bookmarking locations for easy return in the future
Using a SLURL to directly access a specific location
Dealing with bad behavior of other avatars (fly, teleport away or mute the
person or object)
How to read notecards
How to make notecards
What to do if you fall into a spot and get stuck (fly, teleport etc to get
How to use the manipulatives the teacher has built in the SL environment

What else? I'm sure there is more that students face - and that might
discourage or defeat them in their efforts to use SL for learning.  Tell me
what you think.


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