[SLED] Location Based Harassment

Nola Johnston njohnston at eciad.ca
Fri Nov 9 14:53:39 PST 2007

>Anyone else have any
>ideas about places to suggest to new users who want to
>talk and hang out?

Yes. The high fantasy continent is large, friendly, and creative. It 
is also PG, has a charter outlining appropriate behaviour, and the 
charter rules are enforced. That doesn't mean you can't be griefed or 
harassed there, but it is relatively uncommon and if it is a public 
situation and a member of the group associated with the land (Elf 
Circle) is present, they can call for help.

However, visitors should be aware that these are low-tech 
fantasy/medieval themed sims, and the presence of anything past 1600 
other than a visitor avatar/clothing is prohibited, so you must put 
away the tech toys while visiting. (The group is very strict about 

Look for the sim ElvenGlen and then zoom your map out... it was 36 
islands last time I counted. Lots to explore. I believe the main tp 
into ElvenGlen drops you at the info centre, where you can get 
information about the continent and its rules. The drum circle nearby 
is where people often gather socially, it's a great place for newbies.

I've also explored the Caledon sims quite a bit, and have never been 
harassed there. Their theme is Victorian steampunk.


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