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The Sloodle (SL + Moodle) project includes a Toolbar which also supports
blogging - though does not currently enable posting of pictures.
(Posts do include Slurls however)

Open source and completely free, if anyone would like to help us enhance
this to include snapshot posting, please check out sloodle.org and get

We're currently working on a new release and new feature request survey,
details should be out next week..


On 09/11/2007, Chris Collins <chris.collins at uc.edu> wrote:
> Last post for a while, I swear (see what happens when I take a day off
> work?)..
> As the discussion continues about using Second Life effectively for
> classes, I am also reminded to post about a terrific tool I recently
> discovered that may be useful in your courses.
> Many faculty are asking students to report on their experiences in
> Second Life, either by writing essays or blog posts, and it can be
> very tricky and time consuming to take a snapshot, save it to disk,
> re-size it and convert it to JPG, upload it to Flickr, and then
> create a blog post about whatever it was that you saw or
> experienced.  If you also want to include a SLurl or link to the
> location, that's another step that requires you to flip back into SL
> to copy and paste the SLurl, etc.
> The BlogHUD does all of these steps for the user once it is setup and
> configured properly.  I estimate it saves me maybe 20 to 30 minutes
> every time I use it, and it makes it very, very simple to keep a
> "travel log" of your Second Life journeys.  I have contacted the
> creator to see if we might be able to get an educational discount,
> but have not yet heard back - at the moment the "Pro BlogHUD" costs
> $900L for each user, but I personally think it is well worth it.
> To use the BlogHUD effectively as a travel log tool requires:
> - Register for and create a free blog using a supported service -
> Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad, Friendster, LiveJournal blogs are all
> supported, I personally prefer Wordpress - http://wordpress.com
> - Register for and create a free Flickr account - http://flickr.com
> - Pick up the BlogHUD in-world
> at:  secondlife://Nooribeom/181.57761/186.27246/23.40998/
> - Follow the configuration instructions for the BlogHUD at
> http://bloghud.com/
> The initial set up process is a little time consuming, but once you
> get it working, you can create a post on your blog with a photo
> snapshot and a SLurl link to the location in about 30 seconds (not
> including the time it takes to write the text, of course!) and in one
> single step.
> In Second Life, you frame and take the snapshot - choose to send it
> as a postcard to pix at bloghud.com - and then enter the title and text
> of your post right within the postcard window in Second
> Life.   Within a few moments, the post appears on your blog and the
> picture is neatly trimmed and added to your Flickr account for future use.
> To see an example of a blog post created this
> way:  http://fleeep.net/blog/?p=85
> An instructor could set up a single blog and Flickr account for
> everyone in the course to use, or each student could set up their own
> site/account.   The blog could also be linked from the CMS/LMS and
> might be a good tool to record student engagement/use.
> We haven't yet implemented this in a course at UC or in our
> faculty/staff learning community, but I intend to bring it up at our
> next meeting.  I hope to try it out with our learning community first
> and if it's successful for group use, then perhaps one of our faculty
> can try it in a course next quarter.  I'll be sure to let you know
> how it goes..
> - Chris/Fleep
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