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Just out of interest, do people have a single Twitter account for both
RL and SL or do you tweet separately?

My inclination would be for the latter - partly because I suspect that
I might well end up twittering to a different network of friends - but
I'm interested in what others think?

Art / Andy.

On 11/9/07, Aldon Hynes <Aldon.Hynes at orient-lodge.com> wrote:
> Chris/Fleep et al.
>   Hi, my name is aldon and I'm a twitterholic.  (
> http://www.twitter.com/ahynes1 )
>   This is a great post.  I've been on Twitter for quite awhile myself and
> find it a wonderful bachchannel, not only for SL but also for conferences
> and so many other things going on.  I also connect it to my facebook
> statuses, and use twitterfeed so that people following me on Twitter can see
> when I have a new traditional blog post up as well.
>    In Second Life, I use TwitterBox as my Twitter-SL connector and I very
> much like using SL as my IM client.  People in world can contact me via SL
> IMs, and beyond through tweets.  I've heard rumblings that OpenSim may end
> up pushing the envelop of IM interconnectivity to facilitate IM's from other
> systems into OpenSim, which I think is a great idea.
>    Does anyone know of other IM connectors between SL and beyond?
> Aldon
> http://www.orient-lodge.com
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> And on another topic..
> I've been meaning to write about this for some time and just keep
> getting buried by work, but Nick's recent post here about a
> conversation on Twitter prompts me to stop procrastinating and make
> my case for Twitter.
> Many months ago, a bunch of folks on SLED attended the South by
> SouthWest (SXSW) festival and posted about this thing called
> Twitter.  I joined as did many others and now months have gone by and
> it's rarely mentioned here on the SLED list.  I assume most of you
> have heard of it by now, maybe tried it out and decided it wasn't for
> you, etc. but if you aren't actively using it, I would encourage you
> to try again.
> Since I began using Twitter, it has become the infamous "backchannel"
> to my entire Second Life experience.  It has put me in touch with a
> broader community of SL users (I think I got stuck in the educator
> circle for a good long while, which is a great place to be, but isn't
> the whole of Second Life), become one of the richest resources for
> memes, news trends, and new technologies, and has resulted in many
> good friendships that I might not have found without it.  I _might_
> be tempted to say it has revolutionized my web browsing AND Second
> Life experiences, in wholly unexpected and extremely positive ways.
> In discussing why it didn't "take" for some, I discovered that many
> people were not aware of all of the zillions of Twitter-related
> applications that make it easy to integrate it into your already
> existing behavior patterns.  Many people thought the only way to use
> it was either to go to the web page and post/read, or to get spammed
> by SMS messages on your cell phone.   Not so.  In my case, I am an
> avid Gmail user, and nearly always have gmail open and visible on one
> of my monitors, so integrating twitter with gtalk meant that the
> stream of tweets and my ability to post tweets is neatly displayed
> right in the lower corner of a window I always have open anyway.  I
> think finding the right combination of Twitter-applications that
> works for you, that integrates into your existing workflow, might be
> the key to its success for each individual user, and once you do find
> that combination.. you will see why Twitter fanatics are Twitter fanatics.
> I'm not a Twitter expert and I only use a few of those apps, but I
> invite you to take a look at Twitter again if you haven't already.  I
> also invite you to raid my friends/follower list to find a wide
> variety of Second Life's citizens who also use Twitter.   I don't
> read every conversation, I don't pay attention to it all day long,
> but when I have the time, it is a truly fantastic resource and one
> that has made my Second Life experience much more rich and
> rewarding.  And by the way, you can send and receive tweets from
> within Second Life with a number of tools including Ordinal
> Malaprop's Twitterbox and Corwin Chevalier's SLTweets.
> Here are some links to get you started:
> Twitter:  http://twitter.com/
> Follow Fleep and raid friends list:  http://twitter.com/fleep
> A must-have Twitter add-on:  http://twittermail.com/
> Twitter Applications:  http://twitter.pbwiki.com/Apps
> SL-Twitter Tool - SLTweets:  http://www.sltweets.com/
> SL-Twitter Tool:  Twitterbox:  http://ordinalmalaprop.com/twitter/
> Like many technologies, Twitter likely won't resonate for everyone,
> but it's made such a huge impact on my experience with the web and
> Second Life that I feel compelled to share the wealth.   And thanks
> to all who encouraged me to try it out, all those months ago, it was worth
> it.
> Your Twitterholic friend,
> - Chris/Fleep
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