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Lisa Dawley lisadawley at boisestate.edu
Sat Nov 3 11:16:10 PDT 2007


Save your slideshow in .jpg format.  While in SL, choose "bulk upload"
and upload each slide (.jpg).  These .jpgs will become textures that you
can drop into the "contents" tab of a prim, along with a slideshow
script.  That's the basic idea.


>>> RILug RILug <rhodeislandlug at yahoo.com> 11/03/07 11:08 AM >>>
Hello. I just joined this list. I teach computers and technology [and
design etc] in Boston. I am creating a new course about metaverses and
will be using Second Life. I have been on SL for a while now but not as
an official 'educator'.  I am hoping to learn quite a bit about what
everyone is doing. 

One thing I need to ask - and you probably all know that already [if
someone can point me to the right place to read let me know]. I know how
to use a script that would make a slideshow, but is there a particular
way to get regular power point presentations to show on SL? what is

Thanks to all. I look forward to learning more from this group. 
Marlyn Tadros

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