[SLED] Need colleague to give opinion on new classroom etc. in new building I had built

Charles Wankel wankelc at verizon.net
Sat Nov 3 02:06:53 PDT 2007

I have just had an academic building constructed by Designing Digitally.
Andrew Hughes the president has given me five days to suggest tweaks to make
it how I think it should be.  The problem is that I am new to SL teaching
and really need someone with more experience to look it over and suggest
improvements or kudos. Email me if you can do this, ideally with your phone


Also, I can use some advice on whether to leave access open to my island or
restrict it.  I notice some academic islands are open and others seemingly
restricted.  Is it possible to restrict some parts of your island but
welcome all comers to other parts?  Ditto for the building?



Charles Wankel

St. John's University, New York


wankelc at stjohns.edu

cell: 908-334-7792



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Just wanted to let all of you know that not everyone is out of the office
today. I'm still here. Looks like a nice day, too, if the view through the
window is any indication. Sigh.




P.S.  It just occurred to me that if you are reading this, then YOU must be
in the office as well. Misery does love company.  ;-)


www.nikodonburi.com <http://www.nikodonburi.com/> 

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