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Hi Yannis,

The first decision would be to either rent a space or buy a whole  
There are several educational/academic islands in SL (a big cluster  
around NMC + a smaller around Eduisland) with smaller or larger  
shares of islands available, built around a common 'media center'

To buy an island you have to factor in cost to buy, maintain  
(educational pricing is 50% at the SL website) + initial development/ 
building cost.

In both cases you will need some tech support + training from your  
I am pasting some NMC info below. There are several NMC members on  
this list.

Mechthild Schmidt/Tilla Kronos

Mechthild Schmidt

Digital Communications and Media
McGhee Division, New York University
726 Broadway, #669
New York, NY 10003

ms1831 at nyu.edu

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Subject: [SLED] NMC announces three new low-cost educational communities

Hi folks -- the NMC announced today the opening of three new rental  
sims for bona fide educators, educational departments, and learning- 
focused institutions, with full-perm parcels at annual rents as low  
as $100/yr, priced to fit most any faculty budget.

For complete details, see http://virtualworlds.nmc.org/docs/ 
NMC_announces_EDU_communities_in_SL.pdf  (10pp, 768Kb)

These sims (Teaching, Teaching 2, and Teaching 3) are fully open to  
the public, and have beautiful central areas with a number of spaces  
that all the residents on the island can share (see pix attached)    
These include a multi-media amphitheatre, a conference room, a large  
flexible classroom or other meeting space, a gallery suitable for  
exhibiting student work, and a resource center that has been  
initially stocked by the folks who run the highly regarded ICT  
Library in Second Life on each of the three islands.

Learn more at http://virtualworlds.nmc.org/services.

Larry Johnson
Chief Executive Officer


On Nov 1, 2007, at 7:39 AM, Yannis Scarpelos wrote:

> After lurking for a while, I thought it is time to present myself  
> as a member of SLED community.
> My name is Yannis Scarpelos, I am sociologist, assistant professor  
> of Visual Culture at a Department of Communication, Media and  
> Culture, in Greece. I am highly interested in educational, socio- 
> cultural and visual aspects of virtual environments, and I am  
> initiating an effort to buy land in SL to set up our first virtual  
> classrooms and other educational and cultural facilities. And here  
> comes the question:
> I have to prepare a financial proposal to my University, for a 2  
> year long financing, all including. So, I checked the sl website to  
> find out what is needed. I am not sure if I included everything in  
> my table, so could please anyone who has come through it recently  
> send me in private her/his hints?
> Thanks in advance,
> Yannis Scarpelos
> Assist. Professor of Visual Culture
> Dept of Communication, Media and Culture
> Panteion University
> email: gskarp at otenet.gr
> And in SL
> Mikhail Kidd
> still homeless
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