[SLED] Is there any way to reduce the repeated email bodies in this list?

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I would have to agree with George.   This list is almost unmanagable due to
the noise of redundent postings.  I'm not versed on this system to know how
to solve it, but if we need to, 
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To Those Who Might Be Able to Change This:

While I really enjoy the small nuggets of new material that I find in this
list, most of my time is spent scrolling through the digest looking for

Is there any way this list could be converted to a discussion forum so that
each new thread would only have to be read once and all new replies would be
below it so that the original content would not have to be repeated

I hope that I am not construed as complaining because there is so many great
ideas put forth and I wouldn't want to miss those.  It is just that it
becomes a very time consuming chore to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Ok, flame away! It will be worth it if it changes...

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