[SLED] Experienced SL teachers Wanted! Apr 3 NMC Campus Teachers Buzz

Alan Levine alan at nmc.org
Sun Mar 25 21:56:10 PDT 2007

We're running a special session of the NMC Campus Teachers Buzz  
Session. We are hosting a portion of a pre-conference session on  
Second Life for the TCC Online Conference (one of the best and  
longest going online conferences, http://tcc.kcc.hawaii.edu/), so  
we'll be welcoming likely a group of educators new to Second Life. We  
thought it would be valuable for a few who have had some experience  
bringing students, or full classes, into SL to share some of their  
experience. Nothing formal, no presentations, just share what you've  
learned and offer any suggestions to a group of freshly minted avatars.

This will take place 6pm (PDT) Tuesday, Apr 3 on NMC Campus (location  
coming soon). Of course, everyone on SLED is invited (thought we  
cannot hold 1000 avatars ;-) but we would like to know at least a few  
will show up who can participate in the discussions. If interested,  
contact myself or Nick Noakes (Corwin Carillon in SL). We'll post a  
full announcement later this week.

Plans are also in the works to set up a SL location to hang out at  
during the TCC conference.

For those who have not been before, we run the Buzz sessions every 2  
weeks in a variety of loosely structured formats- sometimes just open  
discussion, sometimes guests with presentations/activities, sometimes  
field trips. Details at:

Alan Levine aka CDB Barkley
NMC: The New Media Consortium: sparking innovative learning and  

NMC Campus Observer - What's going on at our place in Second Life:

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