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Diane L. Good dgood at kshs.org
Sat Mar 24 15:02:41 PDT 2007

Please let me know when this is ready--I will be one of the first to
enroll!  I guess I would be graduate level--I have a masters in
Anthropology (which I also teach as an introductory class at the local
university), a masters in library science, and I work as a museum
education specialist, having spent 16 years as an archeologist.  When I
finished my MLS, the internet was "done" in DOS with your choice of green
or amber CRT screens.  Not very exciting, very cumbersome, and only
available on university campuses.  But, my professors saw the future of
what became the web, so they taught us to look forward in technology to
the possibilities rather then the limitations.  Fortunately, my current
supervisor can appreciate my vision even if she can't quite "see" it for
herself.  But time limitations make it very difficult for me to learn what
I need to learn in a short time.  I'm a single mom with three kids in
college, so taking regular college classes (online or classroom) is
impossible.  Your offer is EXACTLY what I want and NEED!!! I always tell
my college students that the internet/web makes it possible to do research
in your livingroom in the middle of the night in your underwear with a
beer in your hand.  SL makes that much more fun--"getting dressed and
going out" without getting dressed and going out!  I would LOVE to take
such a class and learn more about information management and programming
in the virtual world.

Bring it on!!!
Diane (aka DiLou Slade in SL)

On Sat, March 24, 2007 2:19 pm, Burkett, William wrote:
> Seems I have been at this spot before.  I had one of the first commercial
> PCs (Osborne I) - worked for a high-tech company.  When my Director saw it
> on my desk (1980+) I was told to get that toy out of the office and never
> bring it back.  In the 90's I decided to pursue my PhD in Computer Based
> Learning.  I was told by my on ground University that they did not
> consider online learning worthy of my time and I was not to engage in it.
> I have now been told by my current academic employer that I am not make
> any mention, engage in any discussions, nor attempt to use any aspects of
> Second Life.  Not being one to chuck my pay-check out the window but at
> the same time realizing that SL type learning is the new frontier of
> academics I propose to do the following:
> Develop a couple of SL centered Undergrad and Grad level MIS/IT courses
> and offer them free in SL.  Courses such as Introduction to Programming
> and Management Information Systems to begin with.   I have a friend who
> has very kindly offered her island to hold the classes in.  I am
> soliciting your ideas, opinions, suggestions, comments, help, queries,
> etc.  I am convinced that we are on the cusp of a major revolution in
> training and learning.  Online with near total inter-course between
> participants - audio and visual. I
> Thanks,
> Hecter Barbosa (Bill Burkett in RL)
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