[SLED] Carleton University TIM Students Research Surrounding Open Source and Virtual Spaces (Second Life)

Mekki MacAulay Abdelwahab mekki at mektek.ca
Sat Mar 24 13:40:28 PDT 2007


I'm a Master's student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, 
in the Technology Innovation Management program. 
(http://www.carleton.ca/tim/).  I've been very interested in everything 
Second Life, and am doing research on several different aspects of its 
potential, including for business, education and e-learning 
environments, social interaction (cyberspace?), and open source ecosystems.

Our program is moving to the forefront of university research on Open 
Source, including business models, motivations, ecosystems, value chain 
evolution and extraction, disruptive innovation, and more.  We're also 
looking at various research topics in adoption of the semantic web, Web 
2.0 (3.0?), collaboration and interaction tools, knowledge transfers, 
standards, intellectual property, human-computer interaction, virtual 
simulation and modeling, and lots more.  Traditionally, our program has 
had a telecommunications focus, but as the definition of 
telecommunications broadens more and more, the scope of our research is 
broadening as well, and many researchers (including myself) are more 
interested in the potential of virtual spaces than the anals of telephony.

I look forward to participating in these mailing lists and discussing 
research topics of interest with all you other enthusiasts.



Mekki MacAulay
Masters Student
Technology Innovation Management
Systems and Computer Engineering
Carleton University
Email: mekki at sce.carleton.ca
Phone: (613) 878-4567

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