[SLED] Virtual reality, believability and the uncanny valley

Bill Freese iedbf at montana.edu
Wed Mar 21 15:58:49 PDT 2007

You are speaking of the "effectiveness as a learning environment".  
Long before there was virtual reality, there was photography. Yet, we  
still use drawings and diagrams in education in places where a  
photograph could be used. And we do it on purpose. Sometimes the  
photograph contains too much information. It can distract from the  
message. Sometimes the photograph fails to highlight the key  
elements. We use both photographs and diagrams, choosing the one  
which seems to communicate better.

The immersive power of virtual environments will probably grow as  
they become more photorealistic. But for effective learning, pulling  
back a bit from that realism may be useful at times.
Bill Freese / Bill Friis

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