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Hi Karen.. just a quick correction. There is a PowerPoint version for  
Mac as well! Also, if the PPT slides are loaded into some sort of  
slide viewer that changes textures on touch (each texture being a PPT  
slide), conceivably, each student could have a 1 prim slide  
presentation of their portfolio. Radslns Hutchence (sp?) in-world  
makes one example of such a slide viewer.

(SL: Mari Asturias)

On Mar 16, 2007, at 10:08 PM, Karen Hincapie wrote:

> Jeremiah,
> What about doing the portfolio in a Power Point Template that can  
> be uploaded for 10L a page when the portfolio is completed. I am  
> recommending power point because I am assuming most of your  
> students have PCs rather than Macs This would allow them a tangible  
> one for college and an SL one with a SLURL.  These could be put in  
> a building like  a Portfolio Hall that all future students could  
> post to as well and have samples to look at.  Plus, the teacher  
> could design a template and a rubric evaluation could be added easily.
> They might also want to put a video of their project which also can  
> be uploaded to SL.  But I am not sure how many prims it would  
> take.  Power point takes much less.  I believe 1 prim per page.
> I am assuming you are talking about one of your private island on  
> the teen grid.  I teach a portfolio PD class and have some  
> templates in PPT, if you would like them contact me.
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>>>> "Jeremiah Frink" <jfrink at edutech.org> 03/16/07 8:05 AM >>>
> Hello all,
> I have a group of High School students who will be venturing into SL
> for the first time in May. They have spent the year in a 'typical' web
> design class and usually have a portfolio that they complete at the  
> end
> (simply a web page linking to all other pages with notes on why
> including). I have worked with the teacher to instead design the  
> project
> so they will create a portfolio in SL which will serve the same  
> purpose
> but allow students to look at web design in the future (present for
> us...future for schools:)
> I have two requests for ideas/help.
> 1- Does anyone have a 'best method' suggestion for the creation of the
> portfolio? It could just be multiple poster prims, framed on a wall  
> for
> each student....but with the creative juices of this group...I would
> love to hear/think about other possibilities.
> 2- Traditionally all work is exported to a CD/DVD so the student can
> take the work with him/her as a show piece for college or just for
> personal archive. How could we also have an export out of this new  
> type
> of portfolio? (Our island is closed, so just giving the slurl to  
> someone
> wouldn't work)
> Thanks for any creative and imaginative ideas.
> Jeremiah Frink
> Geck Webb
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