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I forgot to mention that I am Bobbee Allen on SL (after the ballad of
Barbara Allen, a favorite of mine).

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Subject: New member introduction -- Barbara McMullen, Monroe College
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I am new to this list and to SL and interested in creative uses of SL for
online student services and support as well as for teaching.

I am dean of online learning at Monroe College in the Bronx, New York
City.  Monroe College has online degree programs in business, criminal
justice, medical administration, and health services administration,
with others on the horizon.  Please say hello to me when we meet on SL.  I
am very interested in what you all are doing.

Barbara McMullen
Dean of Online Learning
Monroe College
2501 Jermone Ave.
Bronx, NY 10468

718-933-6700 x 8372
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