[SLED] Avatars as historical figures

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Hi Dillon,
I have done quite a bit of research in this area.  There has been a lot of
work done and most of the pieces are their but they are highly fragmented.
The possibilities in this area are unlimited.  Contact me off list and we
can setup a time to discuss.
George Kurtz
Butch Dae-SL
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Hi All, By way of introduction I'm a software developer in industry and also
teach software related topics.
This thread caught my eye in particular as I'm interested in somehow adding
artificial intelligence to avatars so that they can respond in a realistic
way without needing a RL puppet master to be present...
Does anyone know of anything that is available along these lines or work in
I really apologise if this is a stupid question and if the answer is well
known or if the question should be posed to a different list - I'm only 30
days old in SL ;-) Any direction is most welcome...
SL Dillon Crosby
On 3/8/07, Bruce Sommerville <bdsommerville at gmail.com> wrote: 

Perhaps you already have this in mind, Lori, but one possibility is that
important historical figures from the Elizabethan period could be authentic
too; that is, creating avatars of these historical figures, that look,
dress, and act like them, operated by faculty members who are specialists in
that particular person. Thus the students could then interact with them, ask
questions of them, and learn about important events in their life. Virtual
biography, in addition to virtual history - might be particulary useful when
voice comes to SL. 
>The Info Island Archapelago is starting a Renaissance Island which
>will feature activities, events, authors,drama, and resources on
>Elizabethan England from 1558-1607.  We want the
>buildings,clothing, and events to be historically accurate so that
>instructors can use this for students to role play, participate, or
>observe and to provide more information on this period too. We want
>to know how instructors might use this type of learning tool for
>their students and if you have suggestions. 
>Thanks, Lori Bell.


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