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Jeremy, all the library groups are open for anyone. Let me know if you want invites to in-world and out of world groups. Lorelei Junot

Jeremy Koester <jeremykoester at gmail.com> wrote:    Karen,
  Is this open for others to input?  I know I have a couple of ideas and Sean Fitzgerald is working on some good stuff too.

  On 3/7/07, Karen Hincapie <khincapi at mhric.org> wrote:   http://groups.google.com/group/academic-avatar-librarians/browse_thread/thread/59da0e9e620f8193

Above is a google group of Academic Librarians and a Librarian group in
SL.  They are currently documenting educational ways to use SL on the 
above  URL.  Thought this might be something that some of you might want
to watch.  They just started to do this yesterday.


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