[SLED] Second Life - security risk?

monika.bargmann at fh-burgenland.at monika.bargmann at fh-burgenland.at
Tue Mar 6 03:44:32 PST 2007

I am full of fervour about SL (even before really having taken off), but
now I have a major problem: 

The concerned staff member of our computer center says that he can't
take the responsibility to install Second Life on our computers, as -
according to him - SL is a security risk because it needs several ports
open which was known some time in the past to cause some viral computer
In general, I acknowledge his concern about our security, but now I must
prepare a statement for his boss including arguments why he should
ignore these objections and install SL anyway.

So: Did you experience similar problems with your computer centers? Any
other opinions on this topic? Some good advice/arguments in your bag of


research assistant / librarian
University of Applied Sciences Burgenland

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