[SLED] Interviewing Skills/Guidelines

Craig Lending clending at brockport.edu
Mon Mar 5 11:54:32 PST 2007

Hi, All,

Anybody have any experience with having students conduct 
interviews/focus groups within Second Life?  I am teaching an 'Issues in 
Life Sciences' in the Fall, and want to have the students compare 
knowledge and perceptions on issues such as global warming, cloning, 
stem cell research, and plant biotechnology (to give a few examples).  I 
suspect the cultural differences they might see could be quite 
interesting, especially given Europe's public mobilization against 
'Frankenfoods' vs. the apparent indifference in the US.

Second Life seems to be an ideal tool to enable students to conduct 
interviews of individuals from many different cultures, but I feel I 
need to guide students away from potential unseemly encounters as they 
conduct their research, and also provide some guidelines.  Additionally, 
does anyone know of a way to contact certain similar classes that might 
be taught elsewhere, so that possible collaborative or 
cross-interviewing could be facilitated?


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