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Jeremy Koester jeremykoester at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 08:30:38 PST 2007

I assume that you would be interested in the group?  If so, would you be
able to help set up this listserv or maybe guide me to someone who would
know how to do that?  Sorry, not the most technically experienced guy, but
I'm learning.

On 3/1/07, Bill Moseley <bill at bmoseley.com> wrote:
> Why not start a listserv for this specifically? -- Might make organizing
> things in-world a little easier.
> Jeremy Koester wrote:
>  Good day to all,
> I am a gamer and educator as many of you know.  I am looking to start a
> gaming and learning group in world.  Anyone know of a similar existing
> group.  I know some are doing machinima, but that seems like a specific vein
> of gaming.  Any info would be great, as well as those interested in joining
> the group.  Reply here or im me in world (Jeremy Braver).  I will be trying
> out some of my ideas at the AudioCourse's ACHUB Art, Music and Ed Festival
> at 2pm SLT on 3/16 and the NMC's Teacher Buzz session at 4pm SLT on 3/19.
> Thanks in advance for your guidance,
> Jeremy
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