Model of the educational affordance(s) of MUVEs (was: Re: [SLED] concept and book title?)

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Tue Jun 26 07:58:52 PDT 2007

Hi Paul,

I think that two major characteristics of MUVEs are shared experience 
and shared presence. Where do they fit into your model?


Hollins, Paul wrote:
> Hi All,
> Sorry for jumping in on this conversation about the potential of SL......
> I'm presently working on an abstract model of the educational affordance(s) of MUVE and these can be categorised as follows:
> Identity (liquid identity and the possibilities for education this affords)
> Space (The space (environments we construct)
> Activity (What we do instructional design, games ....)
> Tools (The LSL scripting tools afford potential for developing (al be it limited) programming skills.
> Community ( The affordances of meeting and collaborating with others)
> Hope this is of interest.
> Kindest Regards,
> Paul Hollins (Moon Eggplant)
> Deputy Director JISC CETIS

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