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I missed this one. Does anyone have this file or know if it is archived?
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Hi everyone,
BBC Radio 4's 'Book of the Week' this week is 'Second Lives' by Tim

Here are the details:
Monday 4 - Friday 8 June 2007

Second Lives

By Tim Guest, abridged by Jane Marshall, read by Paul Panting

A revelatory journey through the electronic looking glass of alternative
life online, where 35 million people around the globe abandon reality
for a virtual life. 

In these computer-generated worlds, players can create a new self: with
the click of a mouse they select eye colour, face shape, height, even

They can buy virtual land and build houses on it, go shopping in virtual
malls and buy virtual haute couture, make and sell works of art, earn
virtual money and take part in a virtual marriages. 
Graham Stanley (SL: Baldric Commons)
British Council Second Life Project
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