[SLED] Voice with Mac Book Pro

Storm Hunt sha at picsel.com
Wed Jun 20 07:02:14 PDT 2007

Hi Barbara,

Disclaimer: I'm not using a Mac! But I do have some similar experience of
sound peculiarities that may help.

First of all the white dot above your head is not enough. You have to be
seeing the green waves coming horizontally from that dot when you talk
(whether or not others hear you). If you've set push-to-talk (PTT) on your
preferences (recommended) make sure of course that you're activating either
whatever key you've selected for PTT or that you're clicking on the little
blue talk button on screen. Also check the mute and volume levels on the

Secondly - and this is a killer for some - you have to make sure that the
pull-down for your sound input and output (on your preferences) is NOT set
to "default". When you come in-world this may read "default" (by default!)
and for some reason it may not let you change it. You'll probably find that
private and group voice chat will not work in this state. Bizarrely, if you
then visit a voice enabled sim and wait for the dot to appear over your
head, we've found that you can then select USB on both those pull-downs!

Thirdly, even if your preferences are already set to "USB", we've found that
you may have to visit a voice enabled sim first and establish open voice
communication first before you can get private voice working anywhere else.

I'm not claiming these observations are deterministic, but they may prove a
useful workaround.


Storm Hunt
Training Manager
Picsel Technologies

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> I tried again last night by going back to the Orientation Island, to the
> end
> where it gives us the choice at the Exit - if you choose the Sign that
> says
> 'Ready to Explore' - it took me to an area that seemed voice enabled.  I
> set
> mine to hear all those around me and I could hear several folks talking. I
> finally got a little sound icon above my head but when I spoke no one
> seemed
> to hear. I did figure out how to tell if I have my 'talk' turned on by
> looking at the green little round button to the right of talk.
> I am using a USB headset.  I have a new MacBook Pro.  I will keep trying
> and
> when I figure out what I am doing wrong I will share.
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> On 6/19/07 11:37 PM, "S Collingwood" <collingwood.7 at osu.edu> wrote:
> >> Has anyone been able to get Voice to work on their Mac.  I am able to
> hear
> >> but I can not respond.
> >>
> >
> > That's exactly my problem.  I've been trying off and on since the
> > voice beta came out.   I'm on a powerbook G4.  Only two and a half
> > years old.  I guess we'll just have to be patient.
> >
> > Ellie/Sharon
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