[SLED] Language Fonts

Shawn Eyer shawn at orindalodge.org
Mon Jun 18 12:37:36 PDT 2007

> Does SL have an option to write text from a different alphabet?  For
> example, Greek or Hebrew?

Nick, the SL client seems to accept pasted Unicode text. I don't think the
SL program has a way to type these, but you can set up third-party
programs to act as "alternate keyboards." Programs like Keyman
(http://www.tavultesoft.com/) can be useful in this regard.

Sadly, the SL client (in the Notecard and Chat/IM) does not obey
right-to-left text... it inverts it. So your Hebrew, you will have to type
in reverse. Hopefully LL will attend to this problem in a future release.
Gam ani rotzeh liktav b'ivrit!

Shawn Eyer
John K. Kennedy University

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