[SLED] Where can we practice voice?

Storm Hunt sha at picsel.com
Mon Jun 18 06:12:42 PDT 2007

May I suggest that you go for the best of both worlds? Try "Lusk" which is
just east of Ahern. There are often a few people there so you can get
feedback from other residents, but usually an order of magnitude fewer than
at nearby Ahern so lag problems will be reduced. Your only thing to watch:
Lusk is very furry friendly and you'll have to decide whether that's pro,
con or irrelevant.


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Hello Ilene and Kaveh,


I am a Voice Mentor and I have sepent a lot of time over the past two months
or so, trying out all the iterations of the new service.  Voice was working
very well when I last used it - I think that was on Saturday.  Use the link
that Eloise Pasteur provided to see the voice-enabled areas, and try to
avoid Ahern if you can - it was laggarrific and filled with people who were
making a tremendous amount of 'noise'.  Voice is a novelty now; therefore,
in the foreseeable future, there probably will be those who wish to 'flex
their vocal chords' in the First Look viewer.  Even though I was engaged in
private IM, I found the amount of wild chat and avatar behavior speeding by
under the IM Panel to be very distracting.  

So try going to a sim near Ahern.  I think that Balance and Pulveria are
voice-enabled.  When I looked yesterday the LL map link didn't contain the
names of the voice-enabled sims, only the visual representation of them.  I
guess you'll have to go in-world and then switch back and forth between the
web page and your in-world map, comparing topography to see which regions
are voice-enabled.  I will try to get in-world tonight at 10EST to meet you
guys and try to help people navigate the new Communication Panel that is
included in First Look.  The Voice Mentors Group has been testing it out for
awhile in Voice Beta Grid.  It takes some getting used to, but it works fine
once you get the hang of it. 


I will IM you in-world, too.


Take care,

Veritas Variscan

On 6/18/07, Ilene Frank <ilene.frank at gmail.com> wrote: 

Kaveh, I'm Ilene Pratt inworld if you can send along that notecard. Getting
out of the most crowded areas seems like a good idea!  (I figured if I
spotted the first place listed on the voice map, so did everyone else.)
I'm thinking that we're going to try to meet up about 10pmEST this evening
(Monday June 18), but I'm waiting to hear from the others. 


Thanks! Ilene


On 6/18/07, kaveh at focalimage.com < kaveh at focalimage.com
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The most popular place (and the most crowded) is the Ahern welcome
area. Just search for Ahern.

There is a huge list of places that have it enabled. I can give you a
notecard in world.

You could go to Ahern and then move out of the crowded area and chat
in a group. The central area is very laggy due to crowd. 

If you let me know when you are going we can meet there and I can
give you some tips. ;-)

Kaveh Bazargan
http://www.river-valley.com <http://www.river-valley.com/> 
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