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In reference to Rolig's comment:
"BTW, has anyone noticed that most of the pro-voice comments on this  
list have been (a) IT or Ed Tech folks and (b) male?"

I can't speak to the "male" perception, however, there are really  
good reasons why EdTech folks may tend to favor voice integration.

One very good definition of Educational Technology is this:  
"Educational technology is the application of research, learning  
theory, emergent technologies, and child and adult psychology to  
solving instructional and performance problems."  (http:// 
edtec.sdsu.edu/whatis.htm .... yes, I admit I'm biased.)

Based on that definition, ANY new technology then offers new  
opportunities to meet unique needs of specific learner audiences.  
It's not a case of using the new voice capability all the time, but  
rather carefully discerning when that new tool might make learning  
more effective.

 From a personal (and female) perspective, I don't know yet how much  
I will use voice. I like the reflective aspect of pausing before  
typing. I also have friends in SL who feel the same way.  What I have  
discovered (that I haven't yet seen discussed) is concurrent voice/ 
chat use.  There have been times when I and a few others have used  
Skype in SL. Each time, I notice that some conversations are spoken,  
while other threads are typed.  I find that very interesting.

(SL: Mari Asturias)

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