SLeek for the vision impaired? (was: Re: [SLED] bite size survey)

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Fri Jun 15 16:09:30 PDT 2007

For the vision impaired... perhaps the answer is SLeek - - which is a graphics-free, 
text-only, low-overhead client.

I'm wondering if anyone has a screen reader they can try with it... it 
may work. It can't pick up info about the environment and the objects in 
it of course, but it does tell you who is in chat range and lets you 
chat and IM and TP and see profiles.

But the really neat thing about SLeek that leads me to think it may be 
useful for the vision impaired (if screen readers work with it) is that 
it has a "Follow" function that lets you nominate to hitch your av to 
another av in range... a virtual version of a vision impaired person 
holding the arm of a guide. It works quite well. Then the guide just has 
to describe the environment. I'm not sure if SLeek wiil incorporate 
voice, but this would make it easier still.

SLeek could also make for some interesting educational lessons as it 
gives you a feel for what it must be like being blind.


Alex Heiphetz wrote:
> Not to beat a dead horse, but what about those who have vision 
> problems - can make out general scenery, but have hell of a time 
> reading small text - readers are not real good where they are 
> available and I don't think they work in SL.
> Regards,
> AHG Hallard
> >Message: 33
> >Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 01:32:37 +0100
> >From: Eloise Pasteur
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> >You may not have seen it happen, I have. I came to SL shortly after
> >There introduced voice. The number of mute, deaf and hard of hearing
> >former therians who had, within a matter of days become largely
> >segregated, just as they are in RL and so removed themselves to
> >somewhere where they continued to blend in seamlessly - Second Life
> >approached 100% of those groups in There.
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